STEUBEN COUNTY, N.Y. (WETM) – Spring is finally here, so road work will get underway soon. And for New York State’s second-largest county, the list of planned projects for 2023 is long.

The Steuben County Department of Public Works released a list of milling, leveling, oil-stone projects, and bridge replacements on roads across the county for 2023. The Village of Bath also announced a list of roads that will be repaved by the village street department.

The full lists are below:

Rebuilding and repaving in the Village of Bath

  • Whiting Street (from Robie to Kingsley)
  • Lyon Street (from Robie to Kingsley)
  • E. William Street (from Gansevoort to Campbell)
  • Campbell Street (from E. Washington to Rumsey)
  • Chestnut Street (from Geneva to Fairgrounds)
  • 25 homeowner/business sidewalks will be replaced in the Village

True and leveling of the road with a new 2” asphalt overlay

  • County Route 5- Tuscarora – Andrews road heading South .9 mile
  • County Route 16- Bath- StRt415 heading North East for 3 miles
  • County Route 37- Cohocton- All .8 miles
  • County Route 42-Hornby- 2.6 miles from Hornby Town Barns to County Line
  • County Route 70- Avoca – Avoca Town line going East 3.5 miles
  • County Route 74- Pulteney/Prattsburgh- CR76 going North 3.1 miles
  • County Route 125- Campbell – All 3.25 miles

Milling of surface with new asphalt overlay

  • County Route 65- Hornellsville – CR66 to StRt 36

Full Depth Road Grinding with Liquid Asphalt Injected and 2 Course Oil and Stone Surface

  • County Route 86- Tuscarora – All
  • County Route 35- Cohocton- Village line to Wheaton Road

True and Level of the road and 2 course oil/stone surface

  • County Route 50-Dansville/Wayland- CR46 to Cr92
  • County Route 81- Woodhull/Rathbone- All
  • County Route 112- Tuscarora- All

Cold in place Recycle of asphalt and 1.5” asphalt overlay

  • County Route 11- Thurston- CR 333 go North 2.7 miles

Oil/Stone Surface Treatment 1 course

  • County Route 4- Addison/Campbell- All 5.3 miles
  • County Route 8- Avoca/Wheeler- All 7.1 miles
  • County Route 11- Thurston/Bath- 5.2 miles heading North
  • County Route 14-Canisteo/Howard- CR119 to CR69
  • County Route 18- Bradford- All 2.9 miles
  • County Route 21- Canisteo- StRt36 to Marsh Hill
  • County Route 25-Cameron- All 5.5 miles
  • County Route 41- Hornby- Cr42 to Dry Run Rd
  • County Route 42- Hornby- Hornby Town Barns heading South 2.25 miles
  • County Route 46- Dansville- CR50 to Town Line
  • County Route 47- Dansville- All .6 miles
  • County Route 70- Howard- CR70A to Brasted Rd.
  • County Route 72- Jasper- StRt417 heading East 2 miles
  • County Route 84- Troupsburg- StRt36 to Cr111
  • County Route 89-Hammondsport- All 2.2 miles
  • County Route 100- Woodhull- Cr 99 heading East 2 miles
  • County Route 111- Troupsburg- All 1.8 miles
  • County Route 114- Wayne- All 2.8 miles
  • County Route 116- Lindley- All 2.4 miles
  • County Route 119- Addison/Rathbone- Steuben County Bridge Shop to Addison village 7.5 miles

Bridge and Box Culvert Reconstruction

  • Five Corners Road- Jasper over Tuscarora creek tributary with offsite detour
  • County Route 41- Corning over Culter Creek with offsite detour
  • Cemetery Hill Road- West Union over Bennetts Creek with onsite Detour
  • Dry Run road- Campbell over Dry Run Creek with onsite Detour
  • County Route 88- Urbana over Cold Brook with offsite detour
  • Anglehart Rd- Lindley over South Branch Glendening Creek with offsite Detour
  • Catatunk Rd- Canisteo over Mud Creek with onsite detour