WELLSBORO, Pa. (WETM) – Huck and Finn, the bookstore cats at From My Shelf Books and Gifts, have received new accolades. The hardest working cats in the book business have been inducted as honorary members of the Feline Historical Society.

The brothers along with 14 other cats from 12 bookstores across the United States were invited to join the society by Thunderstone books in celebration of Dan Greenburg’s “The Only True Biography of Benjamin Franklin, Told by His Cat, Missy Hooper (with Hardly Any Help from Dan Greenburg).” This novel is for eight to twelve-year-old readers.

Huck, a black and white tuxedo cat, received an email from the publisher. The email made no mention of his brother, but Huck made sure the offer included Finn as well, but only after letting him know that he (Huck) is obviously the more famous of the two. 

Huck and Finn are honored to be members of the cats-only society and very much enjoyed reading Greenburg’s book with their tall cat, Kevin Coolidge. 

Huck is now considering working on his “mew”oirs, but Finn is satisfied with the book he shares with his brother, “Huck & Finn, Bookstore Cats” and his cameos in The Totally Ninja Raccoon series and Brandon Schultz’s “Bookstore Cats.”