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TROY, PA (WETM) – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the way of life across the country, it has made it particularly difficult for one couple to stay in touch. 18 News spoke with one couple that shows us with love and faith nothing can stand in the way of true love.

Ivan Mathewson is a 90-year-old retired pastor from Roseville Independent Baptist church. On Wednesday, like most days, Ivan spent the morning getting ready for his daily routine, visiting his wife Lois.

The two first met at bible vocational school, and Ivan had his eyes on the prize since the day they met. Mathewson says, “I couldn’t wait until the next class to hear what her name was, so as the teacher was reading out the names I had my eye right on her, it was Lois Bundy.”

Just about every morning Ivan takes the 15 mile drive from his home to Guthrie Troy Community Hospital to see his wife of 69-years, who’s recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Mathewson says, “It’s very difficult, the first day I walked around back, I could see her but couldn’t hear a thing so the next day I brought my cell phone.”

Due to COVID-19, Ivan hasn’t been able to physically be with Lois, so he found a way around it. Ivan every morning walks around the building to go stand by Lois’s window, communicating to her by phone.

Mathewson said, “‘It’s really wonderful to at least see her through the window and talking on the phone but I haven’t touched her”. That was until Wednesday when staff got ready to practice moving her into her husband’s car, so that come Thursday she could go home for good.

Mathewson couldn’t contain his excitement as he told our reporter, “I have an appointment at 9:30 and I’m going to steal a kiss and then tomorrow I can kidnap her and take her home for good.”

After 4 weeks of waiting the two were finally able to hold each other once again.

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