BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – In response to the hazardous spilling from the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the Steuben County 911 Department says it is more prepared than ever.

Earlier this month, East Palestine residents saw plumes of thick, black smoke after a train derailed and released fumes of hazardous chemicals in the Ohio town. Health concerns have been a major concern in the weeks following the derailment.

The Steuben County 911 Department in Bath says it has a plan if such a disaster were to happen locally. Lots of support and access to various information have gone to the department since the night of the derailment.

“Each jurisdiction in the state has a comprehensive emergency management plan,” said Tim Marshall, Director of Public Safety for Steuben County. “That plan kinda gives you the overall benefits of what a local jurisdiction’s going to do during any given type of emergency. From there, we have support and access that covers various different things such as mass transit accidents or maybe a hazardous material spill, so we rely upon those plans when an incident like this occurs.”

Tim adds that the plan to help mitigate hazardous material is a step-by-step basis. If local jurisdictions exhaust their resources, additional help is given from the county level. After that, more help comes from the state level, and then the federal level.

Steuben County officials ask that residents send as much immediate information as possible in case of a natural disaster. Information can be sent on the “Ready Steuben” app or through the 911 Department’s website.