As cases rise across the Southern Tier, many organizations and businesses are deep cleaning their facilities as a precaution against the coronavirus. Arnot Ogden Medical Center is utilizing a new technique to keep their buildings free of the virus. The center showed 18 News the behind the scenes process on how they disinfect a room after possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Following a patient visit in a room, the room is left to sit for thirty five to seventy minutes (depending on the air exchange per hour). Once that time is hit, 99% of the air is scrubbed, meaning purified. First the room is manually cleaned using microfiber cloths on all of the exposed surfaces. Then using electrostatic technology, the room is sprayed from top to bottom. This Clorox spray is able to get underneath and behind every surface. The room is ready to go right away upon completion. This machine will follow every suspect of COVID to each room they visit and is used in the common areas as well.

They took the time to show 18 News this process today to reassure the public that hospitals are doing all they can to keep the public safe and to not put off something health related that is going to be worse for fear of being exposed.