VETERAN, N.Y. (WETM) – The arrest of Michael P. Hilliard and the clearing out of 207 South Main Street in Horseheads by the FBI and members of bomb squads from Quantico, Virginia, and Alabama has raised a number of questions. 18 News spoke with a local hunter who had some extra information on the incident.

Police reported that a member of the Town of Veteran Highway Department found a bomb on the side of Merka Road in the Town of Veteran on Nov. 6. However, local hunter Ronald Haflett Jr. says that more bombs went off beforehand and that people should know about them, as no information has come out so far. A week prior to Sunday, Nov. 12, when the investigation began, Haflett says he heard two bombs go off.

“There was four of us out hunting right in these woods and at about three o’clock I heard an explosion, and it was loud, really loud.” Haflett said.

He noted that this incident occurred around Saturday, Nov. 4, when he then made the following post on Facebook:

Haflett then said that nothing really came of the incident until Nov. 5, at around 11:30 p.m., when there were explosions that made the neighbors think someone’s house exploded. These explosions shook the windows of the houses within a mile around the area.

“But he was telling me that all the neighbors were texting him, asking him if he was okay and if his house blew up. That was Sunday night, and then a half hour to 45 minutes after that, the police blocked off Merka Road in the middle of the night.” said Haflett “The next day, this road was blocked off, there couldn’t have been anybody driving on it. It was completely dropped blocked off by the cops,” he said.

The third bomb that the police detonated wasn’t until around 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 6.