ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Super Bowl Sunday usually puts restaurants and bars in a tizzy but not Pudgie’s Pizza. Pudgie’s, a local Pizzeria established in 1963, conquers the Super Bowl every year in Southern Tier.

With great staff members and preparations, they tackle their hungry customers with ease. Despite frequent wing shortages happening during Super Bowl seasons, it seems to not be affecting Pudgie’s.

“Chicken wings have always been a challenge for us but lately there’s no shortage,” said Pudgie’s Rob Cleary. “There’s more in abundance now because of the previous shortage a lot of people switched away from bone and wing. The price just got ridiculous but now are starting to come back down.”

“People typically ask when is the best time to order. We always say just be patient that day,” Cleary added. “A lot of times people always want their order between four and six o’clock. Right before the game, so we ask people to be patient with us we do our very best it’s all hands on deck. And it’s a stream amount of business in a short window.”