MANSFIELD, Pa. (WETM) – Mansfield Borough Police Officer Brian Gossert has resigned after recording a TikTok Live video while on duty that included racial and sexual comments.

Gossert’s resignation was first confirmed to 18 News by Teamsters 118 President Paul Markwitz, who added that no grievance has been filed by Gossert or the union. Gossert’s resignation was confirmed during the meeting following the passing of the resolution.

During a special meeting of the Mansfield Borough Council, which lasted about four minutes, the council unanimously voted to remove Gossert from his role for “unacceptable and unsatisfactory conduct.”

Resolution 2021-7 of the Mansfield Borough Council removing a temporary probation officer. Whereas, Brian Gossert hired here hereinafter referred to as a probationary officer, was hired as a probationary officer on September 9, 2020, and whereas the Borough has determined that it is appropriate and necessary to remove the temporary probationary officer from employment with the Borough, effective immediately. Now, therefore, it is hereby resolved as follows. The foregoing recitals are incorporated herein by reference, the probation officer is dismissed effective immediately. The probation officer has not met the required standards and has engaged in unacceptable and unsatisfactory conduct duly resolved on this eighth day of April 2021.

Gossert was suspended after recording the video, which contained multiple expletives, sexual comments, and comments regarding the Confederate Flag.

Mansfield Borough Police Officer suspended after disturbing rant filmed while on-duty

18 News exclusively acquired the video from TikTok user ARonUNC, who screen recorded portions of the rant.


“I don’t understand how (the Confederate flag) is racist, it represents the South. Just like the Union flag represents the North. No one says that the union flag is racist. So why are we saying the Confederate flag is racist?”

“Well they fought against the North. So yeah, technically they fought for slavery, I guess you could say, but again, that’s been over 200 years ago, I think it’s time that people just like, get the f*** over themselves. Because, if, if that’s true. If the symbolism behind that flag is still that hurtful now, then we should still hate the south. So, why hate them for something that no one is alive from anymore.

“You want to know who started the KKK, the f* Democrats, probably the same party that you agree with. So again, get f like read a f history book. Everyone wants to call cops racist but yeah you know who starts racism, Democrats.

“It’s okay we can justify our flag, because it’s not as bad as the flag next to us.”

“They need to get the s*** kicked out of them”

Gossert made additional graphic comments regarding violence and sexual references while in his police car.

18 News Exclusive: New video emerges of suspended Mansfield police officer

The video also shows the officer arresting a man and insinuating that the man was high.

The TikTok account, “officer_goose,” has since been deleted.

Gossert was hired as a full-time officer, according to minutes from the borough’s Sept. 9, 2020, meeting. He had previously served as an “as-needed officer” according to borough minutes from Aug. 14, 2019.

Gossert graduated from the Mansfield University Police Academy in 2012, according to the Wellsboro Gazette.

Law Talk: Legal ramifications of Mansfield officer’s TikTok video

18 News has made multiple attempts to speak with the borough’s labor attorney Christopher Lantz, but have been repeatedly told he is unavailable and unable to schedule an appointment to speak on the matter.