Massive water leak concerns local officials

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Local officials in the City of Hornell and the Village of North Hornell have been working on a massive water leak within the two communities. 

“We received a notice a few weeks ago from the City of Hornell that they were losing several gallons of water a day, up to 700,000 gallons,” John Falci, Mayor of the Village of North Hornell, said.

The City of Hornell’s water plant operator declined to comment. 

Falci said the village buys water from the city, in which the village remains responsible for their own water lines.

Officials realized the leakage most likely stemmed within the two areas of jurisdictions, but have yet to pinpoint an exact location. 

Falci said the village is aggressively working on a few of the issues they are aware of within the community. 

“We’re going to look at some of the logistics and get any facts that we have right now,” Falci said.”But I believe it’s being leaked somewhere in Hornell and obviously somewhere in the village also.”

He mentioned three residents who had issues with water pressure in their homes. The village temporarily fixed the problem and is working on a permanent solution in replacing the water line with a larger pipe. 

What is known is the fact that water leaks are present and some properties suffer low water pressure. 

The problem the village and city are working on not only includes finding the source of the leak but assessing whether there is one large leak, or multiple small ones, resulting in hundreds and thousands of gallons of water at loss each day.

Both communities will hold a meeting during the first week of March to discuss plans to pursue a solution. 

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