MONTOUR FALLS, N.Y. (WETM) – Though Montour Falls has received a grant of over $100,000 to purchase three electric vehicle charging stations, a long list of moving parts means the Village likely won’t see those chargers until late this year.

Montour Falls Mayor Jim Ryan said on June 24 that while New York State wants the chargers installed by May 2023, the Village of Montour Falls was still awaiting a contract from the State. Ryan added that, on top of the slow-paced “wheels of government,” there is a backlog in building the chargers at the manufacturer in California.

So it may be October or early winter that the Village actually sees the chargers. And then the provider has to meet with NYSEG to install the stations, even if the site has been prepared for months.

“I am ready for progress; progress is not ready for me,” Ryan said. The Village—a Bronze Level Climate Smart Community—currently has a “clean energy intern” from Cornell University who is focused on getting the chargers installed, Ryan explained.

Montour Falls received a grant of $104,710 in January 2022 to purchase two Level 2 and one Level 3 charger. Ryan said the Level 3 charger—the fastest—will be installed in a municipal parking lot on the corner of Main Street and Owego Street. A Level 2 charger is planned to be installed in the Marina Campgrounds.

He said the Village currently has one Level 2 charger already in a municipal parking lot.

Still Ryan acknowledged that while he is ready to invest in his community, “there’s a procedure and process for everything.” From State to local to corporate politics, “everybody’s got to fit into these parts.”

When the grant was awarded, Schuyler County Administrator Fonda Chronis said the move was “really innovative and forward-thinking” for a county built on hospitality and tourism. “It really shows how, not just Montour Falls, but the whole county, we’re small, but we’re pretty scrappy, and we’re innovative, and we work hard,” Chronis added.