ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Meals on Wheels in Chemung County is in need of donations for their pet program called Animeals.

Pantries are already hard enough to keep full, and trying to feed animals has become a bit harder because of inflation. Every Tuesday, Meals on Wheels delivers pet food for their clients’ pets to help ease the burden of feeding a pet and nourishing their selves.

“Animeals” began because Meals on Wheels became aware that some clients were sharing their meals with their pets, therefore not getting the much-needed nutrition they themselves need.

“Meals on Wheels also recognized that our clients need these pets for companionship,” said Katie Boland Executive Director of Meals on Wheels.

“The big deal in why we need food so often for the pets is for instance cats we feed 50 cats a week,” Boland mentions. “So, each cat we give seven days of food to so it’s a lot of food. As you can see from the shelves behind me its low and it goes quickly. When somebody brings a huge bag of pet food were excited but then it’s gone within that week.” 

“So, it’s just something that we ask the public for, and they have been incredible generous in helping us fill these shelves.” Boland adds.

To donate you can stop by and deliver the food, have a delivery sent through Chewy or Walmart. Or even donate online at www.mealsonwheelschemung.org.