Men’s Health Month: Enjoy more physical activities while reducing your chance for injury

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As we get farther into summer, people will want to spend more time outdoors or do more outdoor physical activities such as lawn-work and exercising. However, doctors said this is the time of the year they notice an uptick of muscle-related injuries in men.

“In men, we’re seeing a lot of those weekend warriors because winter, people weren’t doing a lot of exercise,” Dr. Brett Auerbach, doctor of osteopathic medicine at the Guthrie Big Flats Clinic, said. “Now they’re starting to get out there on the weekends, and they’re doing a lot of activities in a shorter period of time, Saturday and Sunday, and a lot of time they’re not doing a whole lot during the week.”

Auerbach continued to explain and said that because “of that de-conditioning that happened over the Winter, we’re seeing a lot more strain, sprains, and in addition to that we’re seeing some more serious injuries such as ACL injuries, rotator cuff tears and those sorts of injuries.”

Auerbach said the best way to avoid injury is to have a regular exercise program. He explained it should include cardio and an element of weight training, “because the weight training will help keep up your muscle mass, your bone density, and also make you a little more resistant to exercise because when you exercise sparingly your joints aren’t really used to that.”

If someone does experience a minor muscle-related injury, Auerbach advised that ice and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories should work to heal those injuries.

“Those things aren’t working and you have an injury that lasts for a few days,” Auerbach said, “you should consider calling your local orthopedist and getting that checked out.

He also advised men should “listen” to their body and not ignore pain.

“A lot of men think ‘no pain, no gain,’ but in actuality when you start having pain,” Auerbach said, “you should kind-of start listening to your body and if it’s not getting better, it would be a good time to see your doctor.

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