Men’s Health Month: How to take care of your heart

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men, according to Dr. Navin Subrayappa, a cardiologist at Guthrie Troy Community Clinic.

“Men in particularly about the age of 50 have the highest stress for coronary artery disease,” Subrayappa said. “Your concern for and awareness for the heart should begin early in life in your 20s or 30s, what you eat now, the amount of activities that you do, the exercise that you get. All of these can lead to good or bad outcomes down the line.”

Subrayappa said other issues men can be faced with are heart failure, heart-worm disease, heart rhythm problems, and even congenital heart disease or birth defects in the heart.

“Some of the common symptoms for heart disease include chest pain particularly when someone is exerting themselves. It could be after a heavy meal or in the cold,” he explained. “Chest pain with exertion is an important symptom of heart disease. Other symptoms include shortness of breath which can be progressive at times, particularly when you’re doing activities.”

Subrayappa explained also progressive fatigue. That’s when someone cannot do things they previously were able to do. That could be a sign or symptom of heart problems.

“The American Heart Association recommends regular blood pressure checks and even checking your cholesterol level in your early 20s,” He said. “So starting early is an important thing for your long-term health particular for your heart health.”

He stressed that eating healthy, eating the right things, exercising regularly and watching all the things you do in your routine life is very important, “which is why you have to stay in touch with your doctor to sort of identify your risk factors that you have and any lifestyle changes that you can institute to stay on top of your risk factors to  prevent heart disease in the future.”

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