Men’s Health Month: The most common lung illnesses and how it can be treated

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The most common lung issue with men is lung cancer, followed by COPD, and asthma, according to Dr. Mohammed Aziz, the Chief Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.

He said those who are asthmatics are more prone to their bronchial constrictions in the winter.

Lung cancer is the number one killer in all the cancers. The signs and symptoms of lung cancers are very subtle. Most of the time when we see patients it’s pretty far advanced. A patient may never get symptoms when they are at an early stage of lung cancer. 

Aziz says it usually starts in the late phases with a cough. A patient could start coughing up blood and experience chest pain.

He said treatment can be done in the first stage as it is treatable and curable if picked up early.

Aziz said he recommends all people who are current smokers or former smokers, and if they smoke at least 30 packs for the last 30 years, get screened.

The most common symptom that Asthma has is cough, according to Aziz. He said if they cannot get rid of the cough, it could transform into shortness of breath.

If a patient is diagnosed with COPD, he said, they tend to be more symptomatic in the Summer. It is the dehydration that dries out their secretions, and they become more symptomatic and become shorter of breath.

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