Mike Krusen candidate for Chemung county executive is being sued

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UPDATE ( 2:38 p.m.): Rodney Strange, the Chemung County Republican Chairman, has issued a statement responding to the Krusen Lawsuit.

“The only news outlet that I provided a copy of the lawsuit to was WENY-TV.  I did so after receiving calls that they had contacted others seeking a copy of this public document.  I was made aware, prior to giving the document to WENY-TV, that other local media had already obtained copies of the lawsuit.  I am the Republican Chairman in Chemung County and Sheriff Moss has my 100% support.  Contrary to what Mr. Krusen has stated, I have never said that I will ‘do anything to get Moss elected.’  I urge Mr. Krusen to focus more on the contents of the lawsuit than about how a public document was obtained by the local media.”


UPDATE (11:04 a.m.): Mike Krusen, a candidate for Chemung County executive, has responded to Sheriff Moss’s recent statement regarding a lawsuit against Krusen.

Sheriff Moss continues to blur the lines between has public responsibilities and his political ambitions. At no time did I suggest that the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office was a party to the current matter but rather Sheriff Moss and his political allies were participating in a last minute political hit. Sheriff Moss continues to inappropriately use his official title on campaign materials for an office that holds no direct connection to the office he seeks. Mr. Freeman was the complainant in the “Sheriff’s” criminal investigation into the First Arena and one can certainly see how that failed attempt has led to this latest round of the continuing efforts by Sheriff Moss to attack me. It should also not be lost on the voters in this County that Republican Chairmen Rodney Strange, another Moss ally who has publically stated he will do anything to get Moss elected delivered the lawsuit to the local media with the simple but telling conclusion, “I was never here.” Perhaps Sheriff Moss owes an apology to this community for the way he is conducting his campaign.

A copy of the lawsuit obtained by 18 News claims Mike Krusen caused a financial hardship for former First Arena and Jackals ice hockey franchise owner, Thomas Freeman dating back to 2016. Freeman’s lawsuit seeks damages of a half million dollars.


UPDATE (8:30am)- Sheriff Moss has responded to Mike Krusen’s claims by releasing the following statement: 

Date: October 17, 2018

“On October 16, 2018, Chemung County Deputy Executive Michael Krusen released a statement making unsubstantiated allegations against the Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Sheriff, pertaining to a civil lawsuit filed against him involving the First Arena. I’d like to make it abundantly clear that neither I, the Sheriff’s Office nor my campaign committee is in any way involved in or had prior knowledge of any civil lawsuit involving the First Arena or Michael Krusen. I am requesting an immediate apology from the Deputy Executive’s Office pertaining to these baseless accusations and would ask that Mr. Krusen stick to relative campaign issues rather than attempting to divert attention to a matter between he and the former owner of the First Arena, Mr. Freeman.”

18 News has learned exclusively that Mike Krusen candidate for Chemung County executive is being sued. 

A copy of the lawsuit obtained by 18 News claims Mike Krusen caused a financial hardship for former First Arena and Jackals ice hockey franchise owner, Thomas Freeman dating back to 2016. Freeman’s lawsuit seeks damages of a half million dollars.

Krusen issued this response: 

Date: October 16, 2018

“The lawsuit filed by Tom Freeman is a poorly disguised political hit job. Freeman has repeatedly peddled his baseless claims to avoid a financial obligation he knowingly accepted. My opponent has latched on to the same allegations to harm my name for his political advantage. Freeman and Sheriff Moss’s allegations have been reviewed by multiple agencies and no one has taken them seriously, because they are completely frivolous. Now with three weeks until the election—the allegations emerge again in this civil suit. Like everyone else who has seen these claims, I am confident the court will reject them and the voters of Chemung County should reject this brand of politics.”

We’ll have updates on this developing story as they become available.   

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