(WETM) – Millions of dollars in American Rescue Plant funding is again coming to towns, villages, and cities across the Southern Tier.

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a total of $387 million from the ARP Act’s Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund to be delivered to more than 1,400 local governments across the state. The money is part of New York’s COVID-19 response and is designed to help local governments “tackle any potential pandemic-related surges this fall and winter”, Hochul’s announcement said.

Hochul’s announcement explained that in the summer of 2021, $387 was also delivered to municipalities across the state, and identical payments are being sent again this summer.

A full list of the money coming to Southern Tier municipalities can be seen in the tables below.

The full list of municipalities across the state and their 2022 payments can be found here.

Chemung County

MunicipalitySummer 2022 Payment
Village of Wellsburg$27,487.09
Town of Ashland$53,640.86
Town of Baldwin$41,281.92
Town of Big Flats$386,050.12
Town of Catlin$127,384.22
Town of Chemung$124,512.44
Town of Elmira$285,691.44
Town of Erin$95,179.19
Village of Horseheads$324,922.09
Town of Horseheads$493,895.95
Town of Southport$500,562.59
Town of Van Etten$75,486.95
Village of Millport$14,717.90
Town of Veteran$146,461.09
Village of Elmira Heights$195,127.62
NYS Division of the Budget

Steuben County

MunicipalitySummer 2022 Payment
Village of Addison$84,717.69
Town of Addison$42,051.15
Village of Avoca$45,846.01
Town of Avoca$64,051.08
Village of Bath$280,614.53
Village of Savona$39,999.87
Town of Bath$291,127.33
Town of BradfordNon-Responsive/Declined
Town of Cameron$46,922.93
Town of Campbell$165,743.08
Village of Canisteo$109,486.85
Town of Canisteo Non-Responsive/Declined
Town of Caton$108,358.64
Village of Cohocton$40,563.97
Town of Cohocton$84,974.09
Village of Riverside$24,205.05
Village of South Corning$55,589.57
Town of Corning$236,871.07
Town of Dansville$91,640.74
Village of Painted Post$98,666.36
Town of Erwin$318,563.13
Town of Fremont$49,025.49
Town of Greenwood$39,128.08
Town of Hartsville$29,538.36
Town of Hornby$84,512.56
Village of Arkport$40,563.97
Village of North Hornell$37,794.75
Town of Hornellsville$123,179.11
Town of Howard$71,538.24
Town of Jasper$70,204.91
Town of Lindley$97,127.90
Town of Prattsburgh$100,153.54
Town of Pulteney$64,666.47
Town of Rathbone$55,999.82
Town of Thurston$65,589.54
Town of Troupsburg$64,717.75
Town of Tuscarora$74,051.05
Village of Hammondsport$31,897.33
Town of Urbana$82,615.13
Village of Wayland$90,461.26
Town of Wayland$109,743.25
Town of Wayne$50,769.07
Town of West Union$15,384.56
Town of Wheeler$63,845.95
Town of Woodhull$83,897.17
City of Corning$540,408.63
City of Hornell$425,742.30
NYS Division of the Budget

Schuyler County

MunicipalitySummer 2022 Payment
Town of Catharine$60,717.76
Town of CayutaNon-Responsive/Declined
Town of Dix$109,435.56
Village of Burdett$16,205.07
Town of Hector$235,589.03
Town of Montour$35,846.04
Town of Orange$71,845.93
Town of Reading$69,692.09
Town of Tyrone$80,922.83
Village of Montour Falls$82,256.15
Village of Odessa$28,307.60
Village of Watkins Glen$95,999.71
NYS Division of the Budget