(WETM) – Every holiday is an excuse to gather with loved ones and, of course, feast. And 2021 was no different, even in the Twin Tiers. Instacart compiled lists of the most popular foods the region purchased during 2021’s biggest holidays.

New Year’s Eve

Elmira: American Style Lager, Hard Seltzers, Light Lager, American Amber/Red Lager, Other Hard Beverages

Corning: Light Lager, American Style Lager, Wheat Ale, India Pale Ale, Hard Apple Cider

Southport: Light Lager, Pre-Mixed Cocktails, Hard Seltzers, American Style Lager, Hard Lemonade

Hornell: American Style Lager, Hard Seltzers, Beer Variety Packs, Wine Variety Packs, Rosé

Horseheads: Flavored Malt Beverages, Light Lager, American Style Lager, Beer Variety Packs, Pale Lager

Valentine’s Day

Elmira: Dry Gelatin Mixes, Green Asparagus, Elbow Pasta, Chicken Broth, Chocolate Candies

Corning: Hot Dog Buns, Navel Oranges, Muffins, Green Asparagus, Grape Tomatoes

Canisteo: Packaged Cookies, Cheddar, Crackers, White Bread, Boxed Paste Meals and Sides

Southport: Sliced Bacon, Strawberries, Sports Drinks, Canned Soup, Greek & Icelandic Yogurt

Hornell: Coffee Creamers, Whole Wheat Bread, Ice Creams, Ground Beef, Cereal

Horseheads: Chocolate Candies, Ice Creams, Iceberg Lettuce, Traditional Yogurt, Potato Chips


Elmira: The City of Elmira bought more candy than 56% of cities in the United States.

Corning: Corning was ahead of the majority of the country, buying more candy than 66% of other cities in the U.S.

Canisteo: Canisteo wasn’t quite as high in the rankings, buying more candy than 19% of the country.

Southport: With one of the highest rankings of the Twin Tiers, Southport bought more candy than 73% of the country.

Hornell: Hornell ordered more sweets than 35% of the United States.

Sayre: The Bradford County borough bought more treats than 61% of the country.

Towanda: Towanda ordered more candy than 17% of cities in the United States.

Horseheads: At the top of the Twin Tiers is Horseheads, which purchased more sweets and candy than 81% of the country.


Elmira: Pie Crusts, Brown Sugars, Canned Cranberries, Baby Purees & Pouches, Boxed Stuffing

Corning: Pie Crusts, Whipped Cream, Canned Cranberries, Celery, Boxed Stuffing

Southport: Cheddar, Canned Soup, Salted Butter, Potato Chips, Ice Cream

Hornell: Canned Soup, Cheese Blend, Potato Chips, Cola, Chocolate Candies

Sayre: Potato Chips

Towanda: Plain Milk

Horseheads: Packaged Snack Boxes, Spring Water, Cheese Blend, Salted Butter, Whole Eggs