New app helps pet owners determine what’s harmful, or not, for pets

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A local veterinarian is producing an app with years of research and experience to help pet owners from accidentally harming their pets.

Mari Delaney, a veterinarian and owner of Compassionate Compaion Care in Pine City, is the mastermind of the app called VetProtect.

“I checked and there wasn’t one,” Delaney said. “I said, ‘alright I’m going to make one.'”

VetProtect is a database where the user can search for foods and pharmaceuticals and if the user’s dog or cat will be harmed by it. It also lists side effects of what happens if the user’s pet consumes the item.

While you could go on Google and find out, Delaney said her new app cuts out the clutter of thousands of Google results to one simple screen.

“I’ve researched all the data, I’ve been practicing for a long time, I’ve seen a lot of the patients that have been accidentally poisoned or hurt by their people,” Delaney explained. “So I feel like I’m in a good position to help with that.”

Delaney recounted a situation where a dog owner gave their dog Aleve after seeing it in pain. The dog experienced poisoning and had to be taken to Delaney. On VetProtect, searching Aleve results that it is harmful to a dog as it could result in kidney failure.

The app costs $2.99, but Delaney said it is much cheaper than what users will see on the vet bill.

“For instance the dog that had the Aleve poisoning we were able to save her, but the bill was over $3,000,” Delaney said. “I think for $2.99 is absolutely worth it to have at your fingertips.”

another feature is an estimator that determines how much a vet visit could cost.

If the user does not see a certain food or pharmaceutical, the user can suggest it through the app. She and her team will research it. The app is constantly being updated.

Delaney said the app does not substitute regular vet visits and should only be used as a reference.

VetProtect is available for iOS and Android devices through the respective phone’s app store.

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