Money, money, money. Sometimes, high cost of tuition deters people from getting a degree. Well, if you live in the zipcodes 14901, 14903, or 14904 and are an independent adult you may qualify for a scholarship to corning community college. The scholarship allows individuals to earn a degree in fields that are in high demand, specifically in those zipcodes.

President of Corning Community College, Dr. Kate Douglas explains what this program means, and what the college hope will be the outcome of this program. “We are saying, we’ll make the investment, for the tuition, is a student will commit to coming back to school,” Douglas says, “study with us either full time or part time  and be in one of those 20 odd majors”

Corning Community College plans on continuing this program in the future, however, that is all contingent on the success of this years program.