Imagine eliminating your post traumatic stress without any medication.

That’s what Dr. Frank Bourke is doing for patients and it’s showing a roughly 90 percent success rate. Thousands of veterans currently rely on pills to help treat PTSD, but this potential breakthrough doesn’t use any drugs. 

The Research and Recognition Project has completed four clinical research trials showing this therapy, called Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories Protocol, to be effective. The treatment consists of us three, 1.5 hour sessions completed in one week.

These are before and after photos of brain MRI scans following the treatment which doesn’t require follow-ups.

The treatment is a neurological intervention that looks like a cognitive behavioral therapy and it separates the traumatic memory from the feeling connected to it.

“We’re re-imaging the traumatic memory – the pictures of it – in a way that separate the story – the memory – from the traumatic feelings,” Dr. Bourke said. 

There’s one problem though: funding. The treatment is still in the research and training stage and hasn’t gone live yet, so they cannot perform on more patients as a result. 

Dr. Bourke and the other pioneers are hoping to create a national program to train 10,000 therapists in the next few years to administer the protocol.

Edith Jordan is a Community Development Director with the project and travels statewide every week to get the word out, meeting veterans who can’t wait to get off drugs. 

“When you talk about 15, 16 different pills or a pill taking their liver… Do I continue taking the pill concoction or am I suicidal because of the PTSD? That is an actual statement from a veteran that I had spoke with,” Jordan said. 

Local elected officials like Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano are supporters of the project. 

Jordan is still waiting to hear back from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office and Senator Chuck Schumer’s office.

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