New York’s “best grocery bagger” back home after national bagging competition

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New York’s best grocery-store bagger is back home after competing in a nationwide bagging competition.

We brought you her story last November after she won the state title. Her success took her to Las Vegas where she gambled for the title of best grocery store bagger in the nation.

“I love my customers, we interact, I have people who come just to see me,” Sabrina Martone, the best grocery bagger in New York, said. “They call me the ‘bag lady’ and it’s fun, it makes my day go by fast and a lot happier.”

Sabrina Martone’s speed and agility bagged her the state title, garnering recognition from her customers. She works at the Tops supermarket in Big Flats. 

Last month, she not only represented her store, but New York at the National Grocer’s Association’s Best Bagger Championship.

“I was nervous, but it was great. I got to meet a lot of people, there were 23 of us from all over,” Martone said. “I can’t remember their names, but we did get to meet and greet and kind of hang out, before and after.”

The 23 baggers were placed in groups. With five rounds, the winner from each round advanced to the next stage. Sabrina, placed second in her group. Eliminated, but still came out as a champ.

“So I didn’t make it to the top, but I still won,” She said. “I went to Vegas.”

Sabrina’s accomplishment’s served as inspiration to others at the Big Flats Tops. Other employees are hoping to reach her level.

“It’s just a proud moment for the store. The other employees are just so excited,” Tamee Steinmetz, the assistant store manager at the Big Flats Tops, said. “It makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something that maybe the other stores haven’t.”

The employees have small bagging competitions among themselves.

“We have fun, we try to bag against each other. Side by side on registers, we try to compete a little bit to make it fun,” Martone said. “They have fun doing it, so it’s kind of upping everybody and giving that little step they need.”

Now, the store is getting Sabrina prepped up for the next competition.

“I’m sure we’ll come up with something. We like to mess with her a little bit, kind of get her going,” Steinmetz said. “So we’ll probably come up with some store competitions to kind of get her up in the mood again.”

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