NY teen rescued after falling off 400 ft cliff

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Emergency workers are at awe, after a climber survived a 400-foot fall in Thacher Park in upstate New York over the weekend.

Live drones were able to capture the incredible moment the young man was pulled to safety.

“I’ve never seen someone fall that far and survive, ever,” said Captain Denis Wood of the Albany County Sheriff’s office. “I can’t believe that someone could survive the first portion of this fall, not to mention the second portion that he took which was equally as horrifying.”

Wood says the 19-year-old climbed over the barrier, lost his footing and fell straight down 150 feet (ca. 46 m) off the cliff – then rolled 250 feet more in treacherous conditions.

The rescue team pulled off a mission that seemed impossible.

“Surviving a fall here is extremely rare, wood says that he’s made about two dozen rescues at Thacher Park this is only the second survival story in 20 years.” said Wood.

While it was miracle first responders were able to get to the climber, the victim’s condition quickly grew dire and paramedics did something they seldom do dropping down with emergency equipment a move that likely saved the victim’s life.

The conditions were so steep paramedics couldn’t stand – two were treated after being hit by falling rocks, many were cut by broken beer bottles, all while hauling gear.

Wood says this case should serve as a severe warning to respect the rules while visiting this beautiful site.

Officials say the climber has already had multiple surgeries – and he’s still in critical condition. He was posting on the social media app Snapchat before his fall.

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