ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Olympic heavyweight boxer Cam F Awesome will speak at First Arena on Tuesday morning, to inspire students from across the district.

“They can expect to have a fun time,” Cam said about Tuesday’s event. “Tomorrow we’re going to be speaking about commitment, human connection… and believing in oneself.”

Aside from being an Olympic heavyweight boxer, Cam F Awesome is also a Youth-Speaker, and Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. He is also a familiar face from the documentary Counterpunch on Netflix., which showcased his story of how he became an Olympian.

“I originally got involved in the sport of boxing, not to become a boxer, but to deal with anxiety and bullying…I started to return to schools to talk to students about what boxing did for me,” said Cam.

He engages with students through storytelling and interactive exercises to teach valuable lessons. Cam’s three takeaways from this presentation are resilience, lifting each other up, and intent vs. impact.

“I’m sharing the message that I wish someone shared with me when I was in high school,” said Cam.

He said he has won over 400 boxing matches, but talked about how he has lost almost 40 boxing matches, which is more than most boxers. Cam says the resilience through his losses, is what got him to where he was.

“If I take an ‘L’ I take a lesson, and I try to instill that in students because in life we’re all going to fail,” Cam explained.

Cam is a proud member of the National Speakers Association and is one of the USA`s most active youth speakers leading well over 1000 assemblies in the past decade.