Owners turning to CBD to treat pet’s ailments

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CBD oil: it’s legal and its popularity is soaring with many people using it to treat pain and anxiety but it’s not just being used by people.

Stella and her owner Caitlin says she suffers from having knee issues. She gives her a daily dose of CBD oil to help ease the pain.

“You just notice she’s not limping quite as much or holding her leg quite as much. She’s running and not getting caught up because something hurts,” said Caitlin Madison. 

According to Hemp It Up, located off Park Ave, the pet products they sell can help pets on many levels.

“Anxiety, separation anxiety especially. Also, arthritis and just pain and inflammation in general,” said Kate Gordon, manager at Hemp It Up. 

CBD comes from the extract of a hemp or marijuana plant but lacks the THC in marijuana that people use to get high. Caitlin says she saw an improvement in the quality of life for her dogs but did the research beforehand.

“The one thing that is concerning it’s not super regulated. People can kind of sell whatever they and there’s not a lot of quality standards,” said Madison.
Currently, there is no oversight by the Food and Drug Administration over the products. Hemp up says they have all their products tested a third party before it hits the shelves. 

“They send every batch of their product to an independent lab that lab is made available to us and available to our customers,” said David Brickman, owner of Hemp It Up. 

There’s a lot of unknowns that comes with the use of CBD oil for pets as far as long term side effects or risks since it’s relatively new on the market. 

“Obviously I saw them reacting negatively, I would take them off of it. but so far its been nothing but positive,” said Madison. 

Hemp Up says the CBD pet products may help in many ways but it isn’t going to be a substitute for veterinary care.

CBD is currently legally sold in 47 states including New York. The FDA plans to hold a hearing at the end of May to possibly regulate the product.

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