Pennsylvania (WETM) — While New York is showing decreasing COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Pennsylvania is seeing a surge in cases.

On Thursday, Pennsylvania recorded numbers similar to late December and January, including in the Nothern Tier. According to the state’s dashboard, on Monday there were 7,044 cases of COVID-19.

Those numbers have dropped to 4,887 cases on Friday. Pennsylvania Represenative, Clint Owlett, says case counts may be increasing but hospitalizations are still low.

“All across the commonwealth we’re seeing infection rates go up,” Rep. Owlett said. “We’re continuing to watch hospitalization with, increased vaccine rollout. We’re not seeing the hospitalization rates that we were seeing, but we think the case count continues to go up and we do need to encourage folks to we’re not out of the woods. We still have to do the things that we need to take it seriously. Part of the bump that we’re seeing, I believe is the post Easter bump.”

Owlett said people gathering for Easter could be a cause in the surge in cases.

“After a holiday, we do see an increase,” Rep. Owlett said. “We’re seeing that we need to continue to be mindful of it. Pennsylvania opened up vaccines for all ages for those that want to get the vaccine that is open now; so contact your local pharmacy or provider if that’s what you’re interested in as a good tool to counteract the increasing numbers moving forward.”

Owlett told 18 News the vaccine is helping to keep hospitalizations down.

18 News reached out to the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health for comment regarding the recent surge, but did not hear back.