BRADFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WETM) – It seems like police and sheriff’s offices are constantly reminding people to be on the lookout for scams. And now, without naming any specific scam making its rounds, Pennsylvania State Police in Towanda have issued another reminder.

PSP Towanda released a reminder to the public that businesses, police, local governments, and lottery services don’t call people and ask for money in the form of gift cards. Among the countless scams targeting innocent people at any given moment, gift card scams are very common.

PSP said if anyone gets a call asking for payment in the form of gift cards, it is a scam. The department has reported seeing a higher number of scams and wants “the public to be vigilant for this type of activity.”

Businesses will mail letters to customers asking for payment, according to PSP. Police and government agencies don’t ask people for bail money or to negate an arrest warrant.

Lottery services will also not require winners to pay money upfront to get their winnings. If you get a call saying you won a foreign lottery (or any lottery that you did not enter), it’s a scam, PSP said.