HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – A terminally-ill pet bunny was stolen from Turk’s Produce & Flower Market Inc. in the middle of the night.

The bunny thief was caught on the store’s security cameras pulling into their driveway in a van around 2:00 a.m. The security footage shows the thief walking in, and stealing their bunny named Jupiter, as well as two crates, a bag of bunny food, and a couple of hanging baskets.

Jupiter’s empty cage

Jupiter is currently on medication that he needs to survive.

“If he does not get the right medication, he will die within five days,” said the owner of Turk’s Produce & Flower Market Inc., Ted Ostrander.

There is a $500 cash reward, Ostrander is offering if the bunny is returned within the next few days.

“We won’t press charges, but if he doesn’t return in the next few days I will throw out the $500 reward because there’s just no reason,” said Ostrander, referring to the five-day deadline of Jupiter’s life.


The bunny belongs to Ostrander’s daughter, who bottle-fed Jupiter since he was born.

“She’s just very sad about it and would like the rabbit returned so we make sure that it doesn’t die,” Ostrander said.

According to Ostrander, the vet diagnosed Jupiter with a stomach issue, which required his daughter to be giving him medication three times a day.

If you are aware of the whereabouts of this bunny, Ostrander is asking him to be returned to Turk’s Produce & Flower Market Inc.