ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The annual Elmira Holiday Parade was cancelled for the second year in a row, but the city organized a stationary event in Wisner Park instead.

To get a sense of what the parade is like in all its glory, 18 News compiled photos and videos for a flashback to the 2011 holiday season. Click through the slideshows to see all the throwback moments.

You can also watch all the 2011 parade highlights in the player above.

First up, you can’t have a holiday parade without marching bands. The Elmira Free Academy—which changed its name to Ernie Davis Academy in 2014—and the Southside High School marching bands both appeared in the 2011 parade.

And an Elmira Parade staple: the Ring of Chiarraighe Celtic Dancers.

The 2011 parade also saw the Eldridge Park Kiddie Ride Fire Truck drive through downtown.

The Mark Twain Study was also loaded onto a trailer to be showcased on Water Street.

Parades are famous for their franchise-themed floats. Elmira has had both Sesame Street displays and float inspired by Disney’s multi-billion-dollar series, Pirates of the Caribbean.

And of course, as with any holiday parade, Santa and gingerbread houses are a must.

The last time the parade was seen in its full glory through downtown Elmira was 2019. Scroll through the photos below to see some of the same floats from 2011 eight years later.

The 2021 Parade was cancelled for the second year in September, but a stationary event was planned for Wisner Park on the day after Thanksgiving.