ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The City of Elmira has released incident reports and bodycam footage from December 9, 2022, the day that reportedly led to former Elmira Police Chief Anthony Alvernaz being fired. Even with this footage, Elmira officials still have not confirmed a specific reason as to why Alvernaz was fired.

The full bodycam footage can be seen in the player below. The audio has been censored for profanity, and the face of the Riverside resident has been blurred.

According to the incident reports from four different officers, including Alvernaz, EPD responded to an address in the 400 block of Riverside Ave. for a 911 hangup. As the situation escalated, the man inside eventually ran out of the house south toward Horner Street, and eventually south on the 500 block of Post Street.

According to Alvernaz’s incident report and the report from another officer, Alvernaz had responded and was in an unmarked police vehicle. As the man was running down the street, Alvernaz “positioned his vehicle on the sidewalk in an attempt to prevent” the man from running.

Bodycam footage from an officer chasing the man showed Alvernaz pulling his car across the sidewalk and a driveway and into the grass as the man was running. The man is then seen going over the hood of the car before running a short distance and falling to the ground.

Alvernaz’s report says the man “jumped and cleared the hood… but then fell on the landing.” Another officer’s report says the man “attempted to jump the hood of the vehicle but fell.”

Alvernaz is then seen putting the man in handcuffs after he fell on his stomach. The police reports also said that the man had a “deep” cut on his foot that was “bleeding profusely”. One officer’s report said it was unknown how the man cut his foot; Alvernaz’s report said the man had been running and jumping fences barefoot.

18 News has reached out to former EPD Chief Alvernaz, current EPD Chief Kristen Thorne, Elmira City Manager Mike Collins, and Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell. Collins and Mandell declined to comment. Alvernaz said his lawyer is advising him not comment. We have not heard back yet from EPD Chief Thorne.

Last month, the City of Elmira released audio and documents from the days surrounding Alvernaz’s firing in January 2023. A memo from early January said City Manager Mike Collins had received a thumb drive with the bodycam footage; days later, Alvernaz requested to be placed on leave while the City Manager’s office investigated.

Audio from the meeting where Alvernaz was fired included sound of Collins saying “I have completed my investigation and I have determined that your conduct regarding the incident on 12/9/22, together with your behavior this past week constitutes unprofessionalism and insubordination.” He then gave Alvernaz the option to be terminated or to resign; Alvernaz chose termination.

The full incident report can be read below. Names and addresses of those involved in the incident have been redacted: