ITHACA, N.Y. (WETM) — The Ithaca Police Department is issuing a warning to be wary of a scam in Tompkins County that involves scammers impersonating police while claiming that the victims owe money to the Social Security Administration.

The IPD says that a scammer will initially claim to be from the U.S. Inspector General’s Office and say that the targeted resident owes money to the Social Security Administration. IPD says that when citizens question the authenticity of the phone call, the scammers will offer to have a local police officer call them back. A different scammer will call the citizen back while impersonating an IPD officer. Additionally, IPD says that the phone number that will show up on caller ID displays is the Ithaca Police Department phone number, 607-272-9973.

IPD says that they will never call a citizen and demand money to be paid for a fine, or violation. Area residents should be cautious of these phone calls, no matter how convincing they may seem to be.

For further information on scams or frauds, the FBI maintains a website with helpful tips and information at