CANTON, Pa. (WETM) – Pennsylvania State Police are reminding residents to be on the lookout for phone scams after an elderly woman in Canton lost $1,200 in a gift card fraud case late last month.

PSP reported a theft on July 30 in Canton Township, saying a 73-year-old woman fell victim to a phone scam.

According to the police report, the woman received a call claiming she was the winner of a Publishers Clearing House contest. The scam said she was supposed to receive two vehicles and $7,000 per week for life.

Police said the woman sent $1,000 in cash to an address in Virginia and also provided $200 in Visa gift cards.

As a result, PSP are reminding residents that gift cards are not a valid form of payment. Gift card information and money should not be given to unknown people, especially over the phone, police said.

Early last year, Pennsylvania State Police in Tioga County, Pa. also issued a warning about Publisher Clearing House scams after two people lost a combined $1,750 to the scammers.