It’s rattlesnake season.

As summer fast approaches you begin to rid yourself of the winter coat, rattlesnakes are also shedding their skin and getting back out into the warm sun. 

Tanglewood’s Nature Center’s Bridget Sharry provided some helpful advice for you and your family when getting out and about during the summer months. 

In addition, she expressed that the reptile is a threatened species 

“If you see one, generally you’ll notice it will be a buzzy rattle, it’s really unmistakable,” said Community Relations Manager of Tanglewood Nature Center Bridget Sharry. “I would take a slow step back, look to see where you can notify the animal. They are threatened so it is illegal to harass or bother them,” added Sharry. 

Sharry wants people to know that it’s important to recognize that rattlesnakes will mostly leave you alone. The chances of being bitten are small, and it usually happens after a snake has been accidentally touched or threatened.

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