ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– A Steuben County judge ruled that the New York State redistricting maps were drawn with political bias. This comes after 14 Steuben County residents filed a lawsuit claiming the maps were gerrymandered, favoring democrats.

The judge’s ruling on Thursday stated that New York State Lawmakers have until April 11 to submit new Senate, Assembly and Congressional maps that meet constitutional requirements.

In a statement Mike Murphy, a spokesperson for the New York State Senate Majority said “ This is one step in the process. We always knew this case would be decided by the appellate courts. We are appealing this decision and expect this decision will be stayed as the appeal process proceeds.”

The New York State Board of Elections tweeting that it has in fact been stayed.

When it comes to the Senate district map, two new seats were given to New York City, taking away from Upstate. The map would impact Republican Senator Jim Tedisco’s current district.

“This judge got it right,” stated Tedisco. “He understood what the people were concerned about— what we have been saying all along. This is total gerrymandering. It’s the nuclear option.”

The New York Board of Elections telling Capitol Correspondent, Jamie DeLine, that the judge’s decision, if affirmed through the court of appeals, would only affect the state Senate, Assembly and House of Representatives Offices and there is the potential for a new primary date in August.