ELMIRA, N.Y. ( WETM) – Kevin Bennett is a resident of Elmira who ran a food box with his family for over a year. This was until a couple of weeks ago when it got vandalized.

Community cupboard has several food boxes throughout the Elmira area. Once Kevin found out about them, he asked to put one in the front lawn of his home. Kevin is deeply committed to helping those in need.

“We kind of have a heart for feeding people and we know there’s a need in this area” Bennett said.

A couple of weeks ago Kevin walked outside his home to find that the food box had been trashed

“We saw food smashed all over the sidewalk… and cans broken up and thrown everywhere” says Bennett. The identity of those who sabotaged the box are still unknown.

With hopes to open up the food box again Kevin had a message to those he has helped and the people who damaged the box.

“I feel honored to have been able to help them…to the people who vandalized it, I wish they would stop and think for a minute.”