Local residents gathered to hear why Congressman Tom Reed (R- NY) voted the way he did on the tax reform bill. Many in the audience replied with heavy voices.

“What I want to know is, does this bill that’s being sold to us as once-in-a-generation opportunity,” one resident said, “does that really address wealth disparity?”

“Why am I paying twice on the money I earn?” Another resident asked. “That’s all double taxation.”

Those were just a few of a handful of residents who voiced their concerns to the congressman, Monday night at the American Legion Lodge in Horseheads. 

“Obviously we had a very passionate crowd today,” Reed said. “There was obviously some representation of some folks on the hard left that were very passionate in their beliefs, which I totally respect and I can empathize through.”

The major topic at the town hall was tax reform. He was one of the 227 House Representatives that voted yes on the bill. The bill would reduce corporate taxes and reduce tax brackets from seven to four.

“I hear how they’re struggling and this is our opportunity to deliver for them,” Reed said.

Not everyone agrees.

“This has not been debated in the public adequately nationally and we don’t know what it’s really going to cost, ” Dianne Trickie-Rokenbrod, a Hornell resident who attended the town hall, said. “Everything we’re seeing so far, it’s really ugly and really bad.”

She adds that she would’ve liked to hear Reed talk more about the bill’s impact on the middle class and any possibilities of social services being cut as a result.

“We sent him to Washington to represent us,I do not feel he is,” Trickie-Rokenbrod said. “If he was representing us, he would’ve had to vote no for this tax plan.”

The House has until Christmas to submit the bill.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there,” Reed said. “At the end of the day I am 100 percent convinced that when we get through tax reform, hard-working people will benefit.”

Shortly after the town hall, there was a debate where residents got to hear a few people who are hoping to take the congressman’s job next year.