ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Drivers in Elmira can finally look forward to a smoother ride. Chemung County Commissioner of Public Works Andy Avery says the first repaving projects will start the week of April 24th. At least 18 roads will be worked on in Elmira. Commissioner Avery says crews will first focus on two of the Elmira’s busiest roads: Church Street and North Main.

“I think the big question in people’s minds is Church Street because it’s in rough shape. We actually wanted to pave it two years ago, but there were a couple of utilities that needed to do some major work and we agreed that the time to do it was before we actually paved” said Avery.

“Now that the work is nearing completion, we’ll be able to rebuild the road knowing that the utilities are in good shape beneath that.”

Before paving can begin, Commissioner Avery says crews are also finishing repairs on ADA accessible ramps on sidewalks.

“We’re also doing a lot of sidewalk work on Main Street, replacing old brick and broken sidewalks. Behind me you can see an ADA accessible ramp that’s been replaced. We do that on all of our streets to try to bring those up to current standards.”

Commissioner Avery says the goal is to have most roads repaved by the middle of the summer.

“We’re looking to start milling Church Street next week, which is the week of the 24th. It will take us probably three to four weeks to get everything put back together. So mid-May, maybe a little bit later may depends on the weather. We’ll have it all paved, and it’ll be a nice, smooth ride again. 

Here is the full list of 2023 road projects from the Chemung County Dept. of Public Works:

Milled and Repaved

  • Church St. (N. Main to Guinnip Ave.)
  • N. Main St. (Water St. to 2nd St.)
  • Roe Ave. (Hoffman to Walnut)
  • Lake St. (Water to E. Clinton)
  • Erie St. (Miller to Lake Ave.)
  • Sullivan Viaduct (Judson to East Ave.)
  • Lake St. (Wash to Warren)

Overlays (resurfacing)

  • Willys St. (Erie to the dead end)
  • Garden Rd. (Hoffman to Edgewood)
  • Euclid Ave. (Clinton to Fassett)
  • Valentine St. (Miller to Schuyler)
  • Oak St. (Wash to Harper)
  • Coburn St. (S. Walnut to the dead end)
  • Judson St. (Oak to Madison)
  • Powell/Boardman St. (Partridge to Lafrance)
  • Kendall Pl. (Davis to College)
  • Linden Pl. Ext. (Sullivan to City Yards)
  • Pleasant (Mt. Zoar to Franklin)

Other Chemung County Projects

  • Milling and repaving
    • Sing Sing Rd. – CR17 (Retirement Estates to Chambers South)
    • Schweizer Rd. – CR43 (new pavement to the dead end)
    • Philo Rd. – CR70 (the entire street)
    • Grand Central Ave. – CR62 (McConnell to Roosevelt)
  • Asphalt Recycling and Topping
    • Chambers Rd. – CR35 (Tompkins Corner to Murphy Hill)
  • Chip Sealing
    • Bird Creek Rd. – CR27
    • Sagetown Rd. – CR78
    • Lowman-Greatsinger Rd. – CR2
    • Warner St. – CR46
    • Langford Creek Rd. – CR13
    • Park Station Rd. – CR76