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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — As coronavirus cases continue to surge, many Americans are still working remotely. One woman told 18 News, she finds it hard to disconnect from work when she is off the clock.

“It’s been more of a challenge especially longer and longer we work from home,” said Megan Schmidt, mother of three, who works from home. “It’s harder to separate when I can turn work off or when I can turn mom off.”

Schmidt said trying to working from home while having kids is challenging; she said there is no separation when she is working remotely.

“When I was at the office, I leave the office and I was done for the night; until I came back in the morning,” Schmidt said. “There was a concrete separation–there’s not that anymore.”

Working from home can cause psychological problems for some individuals, including depression.

“There are people who need more personal interaction and enjoy spending time with people in person and they’re really missing those interactions,” said Dr. Hannah Bushnell, Psychiatrist at Arnot Health. “I think that can lead to them feeling more isolated which can perpetuate anxiety, depression, just feeling more down in general.”

Dr. Bushnell told 18 News, something a person struggling with separating home and work life can do to alleviate stress is to designate a section in your home as a work station.

“You can still create a small space, even in a studio apartment,” Dr. Bushnell said. “It can just be a corner of the room where you have your computer set up or your other work station.”

Working from home may be a challenge for some, but Schmidt still chooses to look at the silver lining.

“I do feel lucky to have this opportunity to work from home, I know a lot of people don’t,” Schmidt said. “I think it’s been a challenge for many people. We are all trying to figure this all out and navigate it.”

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