The Seth House in Elmira will celebrate the 100th birthday of Robert Butts, the husband of Elmira’s second author, Jane Roberts.

The couple is best known for the best-selling Seth books such as Seth Speaks. It is a series where Roberts spoke to a non-earthly being on several topics, such as life and life-after-death, named Seth.

Roberts channeled her energy to talk to Seth while Butts transcribed what Seth said.

“I was introduced to ‘Seth Speaks’ in 1974 and it just resonated with me so well,” Ron Card, a Seth books fan and collector, said. “I started to have dreams and connections with other consciousness, other entities.”

Visitors will see where they spoke to Seth. They will also see the collection of equipment and artifacts that belonged to them. Card collected some of these artifacts and will show them at the open house.

The open house is $5 and is Thurs. June 20 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The house is located at 458 West Water Street in Elmira.