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One of the most anticipated shopping days of the year — Amazon Prime Day — is prompting concern for some small businesses who have been struggling to come up for air since the pandemic began.

It’s the two days of the year the retail giant discounts some of its most popular items from furniture to fashion and home décor. After being delayed by months last year because of the pandemic, this year’s event will be running for two days — June 21 and 22.

Making it more appealing, Prime members can have their package delivered right on their doorstep within days. While it sounds like a win-win, some small business owners are sounding the alarm and warning buyers beware.

“Often times they just don’t understand the quality differences, so they think they’re saving but in the long run, if they would have come to us first, they would be pleasantly surprised,” Mary Beth Conwell, owner of Ray’s Jewelers said.

Conwell said it’s not just about knowing exactly what you’re paying for, it’s also about supporting small shop owners who, in turn, give back to the community.

“When you think about going shopping [you’re able to be] thinking about going to the store that donated to your child’s project graduation or their yearbook,” Conwell said.

Conwell said small business owners were a lifeline COVID-19 took over. Despite some many small shops closing their doors, many were able to pivot and advertise their business online.

While businesses are beginning to make a comeback from the Coronavirus, Conwell urged people to continue supporting small shops as they navigate a post-pandemic life.

“We wouldn’t be here 85 years if people weren’t coming to us so as small as we are, and as much help as we always look for in getting new customers in, we can’t thank our community enough to get through this pandemic with them,” Conwell said.

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