Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for an investigation into a report that nurses were denied life insurance for carrying the life-saving heroin antidote naloxone.

The medication can revive patients who have suffered an opioid overdose. In recent years, more medical, emergency personnel, and even average citizens have begun carrying the life-saving medication in response to the opioid epidemic.

According to the report from the Times Union, nurses say they were denied life insurance because naloxone appeared on their active medication lists.

Monday, those nurses pushed for legislation that would protect health professionals who carry the medication.

In a statement on Tuesday, Governor Cuomo directed the Department of Financial Services to investigate the reports from nurses.

He writes, “Nurses are on the front line of our state’s fight to combat the opioid epidemic, and it is unacceptable that life insurance providers would deny these hard-working health professionals coverage for common sense precautions they take to help save lives. New York State will always stand up for our nurses and do all we can to support their work to keep New Yorkers healthy and safe, and today I am calling on the Department of Financial Services to launch an investigation and take appropriate steps to ensure no nurse in New York State is being unfairly denied the life insurance coverage that they deserve.”