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SAYRE, PA. (WETM) – With temperatures reaching the mid-90s this week in the Twin Tiers, safety becomes a big concern. If you work outside or spend time outside for any reason, you want to make sure you’re safe.

Heat exhaustion is usually the first sign of things going wrong, and it usually is not serious, however, it can get to that point if not treated. The symptoms of heat exhaustion include being faint or dizzy, excessive sweating, rapid weak pulse, and muscle cramps and to treat this you should stop what you’re doing immediately and move inside. Stay in a cool, air-conditioned place for a little bit and drink water. If you’re able too, take a cool shower or use a cold compress.

Heatstroke is much more serious and requires a visit to the emergency room because if not treated, could prove fatal. Symptoms include a bad headache, no sweating, and a rapid heartbeat. According to Matthew Colo, an emergency physician at Guthrie Robert-Packer, heatstroke victims often appear delirious and not in their right mind. He said that someone suffering from heatstroke needs to go to the hospital.

Colo also touched on the different medications people may be using that can worsen the heat’s effect on a person, particularly the elderly who are often on this medication. Blood pressure medication, some Parkinson’s medication, and common Benadryl to name a few can all prevent the body from releasing heat properly.

When out in the heat, and you’re not used to the heat, you should take multiple breaks and drink plenty of water. Sometimes, drinking water isn’t enough and you need to get inside more often than not. The heat is as dangerous as any other type of inclement weather, it just happens more slowly.

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