BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – The Steuben County Legislature voted to expand the definition of a “hotel” for local rental businesses, saying it will let the county collect the same taxes as it does on businesses traditionally considered hotels.

At the Jan. 23, 2023 Legislature Meeting, legislators voted to amend Local Law 3 from 1987. According to minutes from the meeting, this means that the definition of a “hotel” will be expanded to include properties that are rented for 30 days or less online, as well as through a realtor.

“The new definition is based on criteria set by the state and will allow the county to collect the same taxes it does on more traditional hotels/motels,” the County explained.

Under the new definition, properties considered hotels will include “bed and breakfast, motels, motor courts, boarding houses, inns, cabins, condominiums, cottages, campgrounds, lodges, tourist homes, apartments, convention centers, bungalows, and vacation rentals”.

The law will be subject to a public comment period on February 27, 2023 before its final adoption.