BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – Did you hear about the inventor of the knock-knock joke… he won the *No-Bell* prize. It’s eye-rolling jokes like these that help people smile during these trying times of COVID-19. Our 18 News reporter Matt Paddock sat down with one local jokester who is helping spread joy both locally and across the country.

The glide of the scissors and the stroke of a pen. These are the sounds Woody Latour hears every morning.

Dad joke specialist Woody Latour says, “Its a fun thing and we’ve had so many good responses”.

For the past 100 days Woody has been lifting spirits on Haverling Street in Bath, New York and across the country through the power of laughter.

“My daughter drove by a house and saw that these people had a joke of the day outside of their home, she sent it to me and I said… hey we can do that here”, said Latour.

Woody’s daily dad jokes reaching as far as Arizona through his Facebook page.

Latour says, “I think we need some positive stuff… everything’s negative so we need a positive uplifting theme like this and that does that”.

But our reporter wanted to put Woody’s dad joke skills to the test.

Our reporter Matt Paddock says, ” For those who watch the morning show on the regular, you know i’m a dad joke specialist. He continued by saying ” I may have some competition here and Woody and I are going to go toe-to-toe in the battle of the dad jokes”.

After a round robin of dad jokes, Woody’s wife Nancy made the final decision on who had won. By a 1-0 decision… Matt had won the dad joke competition.