The Steuben County Public Health Department is offering free in-home visits for parents and newborns.

Steuben County Public Health nurses Jo-Anne Taylor and Krystal “Kat” Potter will help parents with a wide range of materials, including maternal health, immunization, car seats, safe sleep, “baby proofing,” after-delivery care for both mother and baby, and the stages of child growth.

“It’s not just for the first baby. Or for young moms. Information about childcare keeps evolving,” Taylor
said. “We go anywhere in the county. Anywhere. At their homes, in the library, we’ve met at Wegman’s.
We’ll go anywhere that’s best for them.”

“We see ourselves as their advocate,” Potter said. “That’s our most important role. We’re there for them.
No topic is off-limits if they want to ask about it. We tie everything together.”

For more information, or to make a referral, call (607) 643-5078 or (607) 329-6823.