Storm Damage: Severe thunderstorms leave a mess behind

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(WETM) – A partly cloudy start to Sunday was followed by showers and storms across the Twin Tiers in the afternoon and evening. Some of these storms became strong to severe. The NWS issued a severe thunderstorm watch on Sunday that went until 10:00pm as storms started to fire up.

Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings were issued Sunday afternoon and evening as a cold front moved through. Hail up to a quarter in size, winds gusting so strong that trees and power poles were snapped, and heavy rain were experienced across the area. As these storms moved through, damage reports flowed in with straight line wind being the main cause of the damage. I spoke with the meteorologist-in-charge, David Nicosia, at the National Weather Service in Binghamton about the event.

“Yeah, we’ve talked to emergency service officials. They were the ones who recorded a lot of damage. It was localized, pretty much straight line bands and there was no indication of any kind of tornadic type activity as those county storms pretty much did not have those characteristics, but certainly we had some large hail reports so pretty nasty storms that clipped Steuben County.”

Most of the damage was to trees that were snapped and landed on homes, specifically in Schuyler County. A roof was blown off a trailer and power poles were snapped in Steuben County but the amount of power outages were limited. The NWS does not appear to be doing a damage survey at this time.

“We generally don’t go out and survey unless it’s something really significant. I mean I just, we just, you know we can’t chase after every single little patch of trees that gets knocked down. I mean, we will never be in the office, you know, it’s only when we have significant damage.”

Yesterday’s event was a good reminder to stay weather aware and know how to stay safe when severe weather strikes.

“Well, you want to make sure you have at least one or two different ways to get warnings. That’s very important. If you’re going to be doing any kind of outdoor activities. You want to make sure you’re aware of what the weather forecast is when you start hearing this chance for thunderstorms that should set off, you know at least something like well to use you know for a hiking or boating, fishing or something and storms approach you know we have to have a safe place to go. You know, certainly being able to get warnings is important.”

NOAA weather radios are perfect for getting weather alerts and warnings. Even if a thunderstorm is not severe, lightning comes with any thunderstorm. Lightning strikes can happen miles away from thunderstorms, so if you hear rumbles of thunder or see lightning, head into a building while the storm passes.

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