ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The Norovirus also commonly mistaken for the “stomach bug” or “stomach flu” is a contagious disease that can spread quickly.

Norovirus comes around certain times in the year. Dr. Justin Nistico an Infectious Disease Specialist from Arnot Health says, “Schools, daycares , nursing facilities and places where people are in close quarters. Those environments are very conducive for rapid spread.”

The symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain.

Dr. Nistico mentions “The symptoms are very intense when you have them. They’re very unpleasant you could have lots of Diarrhea, lots of nausea, lots of vomiting. You may have a limited intake of food or liquids. The key thing is trying your best to stay hydrated.”

He adds, “As quickly as it comes is as quickly as it goes. So it’s shouldn’t cause panic just take more precautions and wash your hands often.”