TOWANDA, Pa. (WETM) – More than 3,000 Penelec customers in Bradford County are without power on Thursday after powerful storms moved across the region on Wednesday night.

According to Penelec, more than 16 percent of their Bradford County customers are affected, while some townships and boroughs have between 40-100 percent of customers without power.

The largest outage is in Towanda Borough where more than 700 customers, about 47 percent, are without power. More than 90 percent of customers in Burlington Township, Herrick Township, New Albany Borough, Orwell Township, Rome Borough, and Rome Township are without power.

According to Penelec, power is not expected to be restored until 11 p.m. on Thursday.

BRADFORD (PA)3,83223,156Expand to view details16.55%
ALBANY TOWNSHIP137234Today at 11:00 PM58.55%
ASYLUM TOWNSHIP100321Today at 11:00 PM31.15%
BURLINGTON BOROUGH1111Today at 11:00 PM100%
BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP233239Today at 11:00 PM97.49%
CANTON TOWNSHIP31842Today at 11:00 PM3.68%
FRANKLIN TOWNSHIPFewer than 5256Today at 11:00 PM1.56%
GRANVILLE TOWNSHIPFewer than 562Today at 11:00 PM6.45%
HERRICK TOWNSHIP8290Today at 11:00 PM91.11%
LE RAYSVILLE BOROUGHFewer than 5158Today at 11:00 PM2.53%
LEROY TOWNSHIPFewer than 5203Today at 11:00 PM1.97%
MONROE TOWNSHIP5572Today at 11:00 PM<1%
NEW ALBANY BOROUGH229253Today at 11:00 PM90.51%
NORTH TOWANDA TOWNSHIP355444Today at 11:00 PM79.95%
ORWELL TOWNSHIP316332Today at 11:00 PM95.18%
OVERTON TOWNSHIPFewer than 573Today at 11:00 PM5.48%
PIKE TOWNSHIP5146Today at 11:00 PM3.42%
ROME BOROUGH224225Today at 11:00 PM99.56%
ROME TOWNSHIP159164Today at 11:00 PM96.95%
SHESHEQUIN TOWNSHIP16402Today at 11:00 PM3.98%
SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP60445Today at 11:00 PM13.48%
SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIPFewer than 5144Today at 11:00 PM2.78%
TERRY TOWNSHIP41109Today at 11:00 PM37.61%
TOWANDA BOROUGH7791,631Today at 11:00 PM47.76%
TOWANDA TOWNSHIP31457Today at 11:00 PM6.78%
TROY BOROUGHFewer than 5734Today at 11:00 PM<1%
TROY TOWNSHIP20796Today at 11:00 PM2.51%
TUSCARORA TOWNSHIP83451Today at 11:00 PM18.40%
ULSTER TOWNSHIP90601Today at 11:00 PM14.98%
WARREN TOWNSHIP255372Today at 11:00 PM68.55%
WEST BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP2199Today at 11:00 PM21.21%
WINDHAM TOWNSHIPFewer than 5291Today at 11:00 PM1.37%
WYALUSING BOROUGH68455Today at 11:00 PM14.95%
WYALUSING TOWNSHIP16516Today at 11:00 PM3.10%
WYSOX TOWNSHIP436936Today at 11:00 PM46.58%