Tinted window tickets most common for Buffalo Police

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 Buffalo Police have been writing more tickets for tinted windows than any other traffic violation, including speeding.

According to the most recent data available from the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles, Buffalo Police handed out over 34,000 tickets for drivers whose windows were tinted beyond the legal limits between 2014 and 2017. Over that period of time, it was a rate of 13 cars per day being tickets in the City of Buffalo.

Buffalo Police Captain Jeffrey Rinaldo explains that it is first of all, the most obvious visible infraction to police. “Secondly, it is a safety concern, both for officers that have to approach the vehicle as well as for people driving vehicles, their ability to see out of those vehicles. Tininting the windows of those vehicles is an over-action.”

The statistic has caught the attention of the University at Buffalo School of Law Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic.”I think it’s a real travesty, honestly,” said professor Danielle Pelfrey Duryea. “Clearly speeding is dangerous in a way that tinted windows are not immediately dangerous in the same way. It’s also disturbing because of the patterns of ticketing in that low income communities of color tend to be ticketed more heavily that other areas in the city.”

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