Tips to achieve your health and fitness New Year’s resolution

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(WETM-TV) As we say ‘goodbye’ to 2020 and ‘hello’ to 2021, many of us are setting our New Year’s resolutions; many of which are for a healthier lifestyle.

“Statistically speaking, about 50% of people are going to set a weight loss, nutrition, or an exercise goal,” said Courtney Lakomy, a Health and Fitness Coach. “But sadly only about eight percent of people are going to stick to that goal. Most people give up mid-February.”

Lakomy told 18 News, when setting a resolution for health, it’s about being SMART and having reasonable goals. She said it starts with having a plan.

“For setting a New Year’s goal, you want to have a plan because anything without a plan is just a wish,” Lakomy said. “You want to make sure it’s something that’s realistic and you want to start set SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and you want to give yourself a Time frame to when to complete them.”

Lakomy said she does not suggest going on any extreme diets like intermittent fasting, or cutting certain items like sugar, out of our diet.

“Think more about including nutrition and nutritional meals into their diet rather than taking things out,” Lakomy said. “Taking things out is not a realistic lifelong goal, it’s more short term which means that your weight loss, your health goals, and everything else will be short term.”

Instead of harsh diets, Lakomy suggests tracking your macros because it allows individuals to eat things they like, without having to cut those items out of their diet.

“Macronutrients are three things,” said Lakomy. “It’s protein, carbs and fats. Those three things are things that you would track because you want to basically build a good foundation with those macronutrients. Rather than counting calories, that could help you lose weight, macronutrients is what’s going to build that foundation for muscle and burns the fat.”

Lakomy said a healthy diet is just 60% and working out is the other 40%.

“So we definitely want to exercise now more than ever, especially with COVID and everything else that’s happened,” Lakomy said. “Everybody has become a lot more sedentary so they’re sitting for longer periods of time, which has been linked to a lot of chronic diseases.”

She told 18 News doing resistance training is going to help burn fat and build more muscle. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym, that’s okay.

“At home, you can do anything body weight,” Lakomy said. “You can do squats, lunges, tons of ab workouts. Any sort of plyometrics where you’re jumping; those are always helpful. You can invest in a resistance band, or even some small weights.”

Lakomy also said there are alternatives to be active if you don’t like working out.

“If you hate working out, you’re not going to stick with it,” Lakomy said. “But if you choose something that you like to do such as hiking or going outside and playing with your kids, that’s still physical activity.

Getting an accountability partner to keep you on track helps move you closer to your goal. Lakomy also says keeping goals smart and short-term allows you to celebrate every milestone. Having long-term goals is harder to achieve and can deter you from completing them.

“I’d suggest setting small goals for short periods of time, a lot of people will say I want to lose you know 50 pounds by summertime,” Lakomy said. “Well summer could be May but can also be August. You’re kind of giving yourself some leeway there, and 50 pounds is a lot of weight.”

Lakomy also said: “If you say ‘I’m going to lose 10 pounds in five increments so I’m going to lose 10 pounds in two months and then 10 more pounds and another two months,’ not only is that a healthy amount of weight to lose in two months, and you’re going to probably keep it off because it’s not a super fast weight loss. You’re setting yourself up so that you can celebrate those wins with yourself and keep yourself motivated because 10 pounds, is a lot easier to achieve than 50 pounds, all at once.”

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