MONTOUR, N.Y. (WETM) – Trout harvest season begins in April and fishermen from all over are excited for their first catch of the season.

The 2023 season starts April 1- Oct 15, 2023 and the New York State Department of Conservation sampled fish to make sure they were ripe and ready.

Fishermen from all over the United States travel to Catherine Creek annually for its wild Trout. The D.E.C says, “From sampling, we conducted from several Finger Lakes tributaries this year. We really think fishing will be quite good this spring.”

One bait shop in the area does particularly well this time of the year. “It is probably the busiest two days of the year. The reasons for that are, not only are people excited to fish because it’s trout season, but also because we’ve been cooped up all winter long.” said the Owner of Swarthout’s Bait & Tackle Shop, Melissa Rinker.

Locations to visit this season are public fishing streams. But be sure to follow the public fishing rules which include;

  • Remove anything you bring in
  • Remain within boundaries of a PFR easement
  • Use designated parking areas and marked foot paths where available
  • Use PFR for fishing only.